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Quail Creek Resort Community, Sahuarita, Arizona

QCTC MEMBER ROSTER - This Page is Password Protected

(Members ONLY may view this page - Contact any board member for password)

The Quail Creek Tennis Club website can be used only for

Quail Creek Tennis Club sponsored events and activities.

Any use for private purposes is strictly prohibited.

QCTC Member Roster (Updated Sep 11th, 2021)

all phone numbers are "520" area code unless noted

(Please notify Club Treasurer Gloria Bible of any changes to your roster information)

(321) 243-6377 or email from roster below


Last Name     First Name  Phone     Email

Allen Donna 415-308-5425 [email protected]

Arnold Bonnie 970-333-7787 [email protected]

Arnold Sylvia 720-951-0271 [email protected]

Arnold Mike 303-895-7730 [email protected]

Bailey David 599-3068 [email protected]

Ballachino Salvatore 307-7996 [email protected]

Ballachino Jennifer (Social)

Barajas MaryLou 904-0109 [email protected]

Bates Ron 625-8620 [email protected]

Bates Judy (Social)

Berra (Newport) Buzz (Social)

Bible Gloria 321-243-6377 [email protected]

Bottlinger Jane 648-2901 [email protected]

Bottlinger Jim (Social)

Boxenhorn Cindy 651-261-1609 [email protected]

Bryceland Suzan 404-824-3129 [email protected]

Burnham Liz 664-6776 [email protected]

Callen Don 360-609-4478 [email protected]

Callen Karen 360-931-7827 [email protected] (Social)

Campbell Pam 625-2911 [email protected]

Campbell Ken (Social)

Carlone Joe 393-1764  [email protected]

Coates Andi 423-260-4324 [email protected] (Social)

Coates Griffin 423-260-4324 [email protected] (Social)

Collins Jimmy 648-2524 [email protected]

Crombie Holly 648-3655 [email protected]

Crombie Ken (Social)

Cumm Jeff 625-8356 [email protected]

Cusworth Theresa 978-846-1082 [email protected]

Dellow Les 250-219-0752 [email protected]

Dohrman Bryce 503-983-3454 [email protected]

Eisele Jill 815-985-8408 [email protected]

Eisele Jim 815-985-9525 [email protected]

Entwistle Bill 815-257-1252 [email protected]

Entwistle Ellen 815-257-1252 [email protected]

Epler John 260-9283 [email protected]

Epler Rosie 396-4667 [email protected]

Espenship Carol 303 946-7860 [email protected]

Fay Fred 648-3317 [email protected]

Federico John 204-6476 [email protected]

Fondiler Brad 561-704-5198 [email protected]

Forester William 609-501-3565 [email protected]

Fougere Carole Ann 585-933-0364 [email protected]

Frank Robert 703-795-3994 [email protected]

Gibbs Verne 360-790-6172 [email protected] (Social)

Glazener Sandra 398-4464 [email protected]

Gong Alfred 559-250-9137 [email protected]

Gong Cindy 408-960-9204 [email protected]

Gordy Vaughn 312-961-8970 [email protected]

Grass Jeff 310-291-4622 [email protected]

Grass Susan (Social)

Green Valerie 954-661-7871 [email protected]

Gunn Jerald 207-3535 [email protected]

Harrison Ed & Geri 777-5110 [email protected]

Haug Curt 207-7774 [email protected]

Haug Kathy (Social)

Hauschild Harry 785-633-6628 [email protected]

Hendrickson Jack 206 920-4060 [email protected]

Hilt Bruce 414-350-7615 [email protected]

Hirdes Steve 602-622-3713 [email protected]

Hirdes Sandy 602-622-3715 skhi[email protected]

Hittle Ann 303-898-8623 [email protected]

Hottel Christopher 603-630-0074 [email protected]

Howitt Mary Ellen (Social)

Ingraham Gary 303-774-8636 [email protected]

Jaffe Georgia 305-4795 [email protected]

Jaffe Paul (Social)

Johnson Arthur 970-227-4465 [email protected]

Johnson Dorothy 829-7243 [email protected]

Johnson Lynne 269-6135 [email protected]

Jones Gary & Anne 399-2066 [email protected]

Kahn Jamee 909-223-9415 [email protected] (Social)

Kanitz Thomas 612-598-0479 [email protected]

Katona Mary 203-7338 [email protected]

Katona Dennis 203-7338 [email protected] (Social)

Kimbrell Randy 271-8493 [email protected]

Kimbrell Kathy (Social)

Kimes Rick 207-6236 [email protected]

Kimes Peggy 207-6236 [email protected]

Knable Joe 810-348-8182 [email protected] (Social)

Knable Marge 810-923-4197 [email protected]

Koenig Patsy 207-4975 [email protected]

Kohler Kurt 610-223-3258 [email protected]

Kohler Carol 610-223-0210 [email protected]

Larsen Nancy 360-620-8717 [email protected]

Larsen Mark (Social)

Laux Daryl 271-4191 [email protected]

Law Mary 650-248-5745 [email protected]

Lewis Theresa 703-626-0720 [email protected]

Lofurno Olga 585-261-7828 [email protected]

Lofurno Peter 585-261-7828 [email protected]

Longnecker Bud 398-4297 [email protected]

Longnecker Jean (Social)

Macdonald Craig 619-403-1894 [email protected]

Madsen Lois 701-739-1545 [email protected]

Mann Bill 920-850-5869 [email protected]

Marshall Bev 392-1344 [email protected]

Marshall Robert 303-437-2188 [email protected]

Martin Lorene 225-0667 [email protected]

Meldrum Ian 780-0441 [email protected]

Menard Kurt 760-608-1838 [email protected]

Meyer Marlene & Tom 612-214-0396 [email protected]

Migdalski Deb 269-0155 [email protected]

Milbrath Carolyn 715-781-4601 [email protected]

Miller Don & Carol 561-628-7540 [email protected]

Miller Joanna 516-816-9916 [email protected]

Modesto Ryan 801-209-5975 [email protected]

Moravchik Chris 714-232-9422 [email protected]

Moravchik Gary 714-904-8699 [email protected]

Morford Larry 612-987-4467 [email protected]

Morford Kathleen (Social)

Mylett Sally 216-513-4907 [email protected]

Naponick Ruth 575-636-7789 [email protected]

Natalini Rudy 398-4286 [email protected]

Nelson Craig 820-1889 [email protected]

Newport Pat 541-913-3362 [email protected]

Olson Christopher 702-972-6417 [email protected]

Olson Joy & Richard 715-645-2549 [email protected]

Patterson Dan 648-0488 [email protected]

Pattinian Charlie 585-933-0365 [email protected]

Pensyl Carlo 260-4983 [email protected]

Pensyl Pamela 260-1212 [email protected]

Peters Diane 949-293-1565 [email protected]

Premo Mike 320-267-8086 [email protected]

Ramsbottom Nile 515-370-2223 [email protected]

Ramsbottom Terry 636-697-7759 [email protected]

Rasoul Husam 614-208-3981 [email protected]

Riddell Debbie 520-343-8412 [email protected]

Robey Bill 253-691-2501 [email protected]

Ronzheimer Rick 625-0666 [email protected]

Rusch Dan 398-6522 [email protected]

Shumway Doug 760-559-7126 [email protected]

Shumway Dinah 760-285-5801 [email protected]

Smith Bob 733-3059 [email protected]

Smith Cozette 733-3059 [email protected]

Sobal John 232-3215 [email protected]

Sobal Marcia 232-3215 [email protected]

Stebbins Richard 784-1531 [email protected]

Sypkens Dave 901-210-6338 [email protected]

Sypkens Judy 901-210-4357 [email protected]

Tabata Calvin 481-6711 [email protected]

Tray Jay [email protected] (Social)

Vail Debi 760-822-2246 [email protected]

Van Hoorn Jeanine 437-3633 [email protected]

Van Hoorn Gale 437-2493

Vaughn Steve 949 300-8948 [email protected]

Vaughn Victor 870-847-0282 [email protected]

Veydt Gerald 410-440-1194 [email protected]

Wade Rick 488-3143 [email protected]

Wade Hilary 805-231-2341 [email protected]

Wagner Mike 719-233-4016 [email protected]

Wagner Julie 719-460-3228 [email protected]

Walton Joyce 625-4250 [email protected] (Social)

Washburn Carole 360-951-3222 [email protected]

Warsing Lloyd 303-552-1196 [email protected]

Weissman Linda 344-8794 [email protected]

Weissman Kim (Social)

Whitehead Greg 312-834-8670 [email protected]

Winter David 777-3190 [email protected]

Woodard Ann 951-675-2390 [email protected]

Wright Greg 720-239-3541 [email protected]

Wrucke Marilyn 303-808-2384 [email protected]

Wrucke John 303-809-9838 [email protected]